The Olympic Rings


Sochi is gorgeous!

Enjoying porridge and pancakes during our first breakfast in Sochi.

Almost There

Dirty and tired, but alive and well.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself for the last couple of hours. Now that we’re back from the 9 hour flight from New York to Moscow, we just have one flight standing in the way between us and Sochi.

We’re almost there. But even though we’re not in Sochi yet, it’s clear we’re miles away from America. Though we’ve been here less than an hour, I’ve already had a couple of encounters with Russian people and their languages. I had no idea what they were saying, and I resorted the “What?” and the smile-and-nod techniques. Even so, brushing up on my Russian might not be a bad idea for the next hour until we board our final plane of the week.

Until then, stay tuned for more from Sochi!